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    • SAFIHRO has cancelled its contract with the Northern Cape Department of Social Services in November 2009, due to a relationship that has sour between our organization and the HIV/AIDS Programme Manager of the department;
    • In November 2009 SAFIHRO has signed an agreement with the Independent Development Trust to facilitate an Expanded Public Works Program for the Non State Sector;
    • New business plan for funding has been submitted to the UNODC’S Victim Empowerment Program  also to;


    • The Lotto and the department of Health in the January 2010;


    • On the 29 January 2010 SAFIHRO met with the National Department of Corporate Governance and Traditional Affairs to discuss the letter which was forwarded to the President of South Africa with regard to the Khoe San Question and United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ / Op die 29 Januaurie 2010 het `n afvaardiging van SAFIHRO met nasionale amptenare van “Corporate Governance and TradItional Affairs vergader te Kimberley om SAFIHRO se skrywe aan die President van Suid Afrika te bespreek met betrekking tot die Khoe San kwessie en die Verenigde Nasiese Deklarasie op die Regte van Inheemse Mense.   
    • We has been updated on the Policy Process of the Khoe San Peoples who are now at South African Parliament for Bill, which can be later this year or earlier in 2011, we have been ensured that the United  Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples has been enshrined in the Policy Document of the Khoe San Peoples’/ Ons was ingelig aangaande die Beleidsdokument wat hulle ingedien het b y die parlement vir goedkeuring as `n wetsontwerp en met dit saam het hul ons algeheel verseker dat  die VN Deklarasie op die Regte van Inheemse Mense se artikels ingesluit is binne die beleidsdokument vir die voorgenome wetsontwerp.   



    • The unification of Khoe San Peoples’ and structures has become a huge challenge and the new pop up of mushroom organizations; we as SAFIHRO propose the amalgamation of structures and organization that promoting the same ideas and ideologies and that leadership claims and structures must totally be based on bloodline leadership.
    • Land Claims: The Commission on Land Restitution in South Africa deals and settles claims of the House of the Griquas of Griqualand West but do not gave the land back to the communities  who did claim the land; for e.g. The House of the Griquas as on organization has claim land been lodged by Mnr Barend C van Wyk on behalf of Griqua, Korana and San communities, whereby land (Koegas) has been restored by the Commission on the Restitution of Land Rights on behalf of Coloureds, and Tswana and Xhosa speaking people.

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